LightCleanse™ patented nanotechnology is the most advanced in the world.


Our super-small Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles

 create a photocatalytic reaction, producing beneficial oxidants.


We can treat surfaces or your artificial light sources..

Either way, we apply an ultra thin film of nanoparticles, to the surface, or to the light source.


If you have issues with bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi, formaldehyde, benzene and more,

we can help you LightCleanse™ them away...


Our TiO² nanoparticles are the smallest in the world, and nanosize matters...

LightCleanse™ is


How does LightCleanse work?

Two methods.

1. We coat appropriate surfaces in your indoor space with an ultra thin film. The TiO² nanoparticles in the film react with light, artificial or natural, and release oxidants which disrupt the harmful organics.


2. We use an electrostatic system to bond an ultra thin film to your artificial light, any type, and your light, when switched on, produces oxidants which disrupt the harmful organics

Simply choose method 1 or 2 according to the size of your space and budget.

In some cases, we may suggest you use methods 1 and 2.

There's well proven hard science behind this, and we can advise the best way to deal with your particular issues when we do a site survey.

These general processes were developed in Japan and various versions are now marketed all over the world. But our TiO² nanoparticles are the smallest, and therefore more effective. Nanosize matters!

Our super powerful Photocatalyst, is activated by any kind of UV light and produces super strong oxidative property on its surface. The surface decomposes and removes any kind of harmful organic chemical substances, virus, bacteria, mould coming into contact with it.

Photocatalysis is a reaction which transfers light energy to chemical reaction energy and activates a substance which modifies the rate of a chemical reaction without being involved itself.

The result is continuous cleaning of environmental bio- or organic chemical burden without human intervention.

Our Super Fine Particle Titanium Dioxide, attains self-binding function by the size of 2 nanometer and it does not require the use of any chemical binder. Let's repeat that. Competitors use chemical binders. We do not!

Our liquid is water based and can be applied to any kind of surface without any restriction and put into practical use in different fields of daily life, construction, civil engineering, public transportation, agriculture, food and many other industries.